Planning for Christmas Release

The changes post is always the hardest to write. It’s because we don’t like change, we want to see the things that we expect, but sometimes that’s not life. My job had some changes and while I thought I was going to part time, they ended up laying me off because of lack of work unexpectedly. I’ve been struggling financially to support myself and unfortunately to support Aether Skies. Before my lay off there were two sprites that needed to be completed before I could release the first two chapters, because of this lay off I am unable to get those sprites. I was able to secure another artist, which means there won’t be a delay in the release and the sprites are changing.

The plan for Aether Skies is to have a finalized demo available sometime before Christmas. The demo will as always be free to download with a donation option for those who would like to support the project. The donation option will be available on the project until the funding for the additional sprites have been met. Following the demo release will be the release of the first two chapters of the game for purchase from Eir’s side. Chapter One has additional scenes not seen in the demo and will be bundled with Chapter Two as it concludes the cliff hanger. Future chapter release dates will depend on funding, yet we’ll tackle that when we get there.

As always if you want to support my studio please consider making purchases of my already released games or donate for the demo of Aether Skies. I wish you all the best and hope that you have a great Holiday season.


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