Codes and Preferences (Updates)

Hello again! I have some new progress to share with you. :D I’ve been at work on the demo as well as Eir’s side of the story.

1) A new opening shadow sprite has been updated in the main screen. :D The sound has been turned off in the video.

(Image removed because original hosting no longer supports.)

2) Can you change the font so it’s easier to read? Yes! After 130+ lines of code there is now an option for an easier to read font. :) Do enjoy it.

(Image removed because original hosting no longer supports.)

The preference screen has been updated as well:

1) When self-voicing is enabled After Choices says “Skip After Choices”, Transitions now says “Skip Transitions”, Test now says “Test Sound”, and Mute All will say “Mute All Sound”.
2) You can choose to set the game to display the default font or an alternative which is easier for those with dyslexia to read. The character’s name will still be fancy, but the dialogue is changed as well as most of the menu items. It doesn’t effect the Quick-Menu as it is image based.
3) Added “On” and “Off” options for Auto-Forward Time to enable or disable it. This can still be found in the quick menu.
4) The Quick Menu will no longer jump when moving the mouse cursor from one button to the next. It will finally stay still. ^^ No more jitters!

(Image removed because original hosting no longer supports.)

Not much in the art department for sprites, however Eir does have his second pose now in the game. In the future demo we’re looking at two more characters coming into play. They’re sprites are on hold while Whit is working on other projects. Before the end of summer we’ll see their sprites.

:) I’m still working on fixing a few other technical things, but I’ll keep you posted. The updated for the demo will be out later this month as I wait for an Editor

Take care everyone!

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