Summer Updates

Hello! :D So this is my first time posting on the DevLog for this game. First off, thanks so much to those who gave the demo a shot! There have been over 2,886 views and 414 download since the demo original released March 02, 2017. I have been really humbled by all the support and am thankful. In that time I've been a little quite and I thought today was good to step out of the shadows and give a quick update. Reading your comments from the demo survey was really helpful for making new changes for the full release! So without further ado here's all the new changes you'll see this summer.

    A thorough edit of the game grammar will be updated. This updated version of the game will correct errors that slipped through original editing.

    The text will be made easier to read on lighter backgrounds. I will be darkening the text box and updating the GUI for the text.

    There will be an option added to the main menu to change the font of the text in game. I hope that this will be easier for those with dyslexia to keep enjoying the game.

    Another issue that will be addressed is the Quick Menu's hit box. Sometimes while moving between buttons it prematurely hides itself again.

    The sprites will have a blinking animation added to the game. I am also commissioning new sprites for minor characters with speaking roles. In addition to sprite news Eir and Percival will have a second pose. This means that Percival will draw his sword and Eir will no longer Captain America his way through the game. (^_^ Yay)

    Our sprite artist is busy this season, but we should see new sketches in early July.

    I'm also happy to announce that there will be CGs for the game and previews will be shown later this summer. These cg will have characters changing expressions and different alteration based on character choices in game.
Look forward to the beginning of June for an updated demo that will address the text readability, GUI issues, as well as adding in a new pose for Eir and the blinking animations. This update will also heavily address grammatical issues that slipped through the first day release.

At the earliest in September the first part of Eir's story will be released.

^_^ I'm really excited for this summer and I believe there will be good progress made in the game. Thanks so much for the support. It really keeps me alive with this project. Take care!

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