Updated Demo 1.1 Available

Hello! I'm excited to give you an update version of Aether Skies. It's been an interesting summer with 115 degree heat waves and progress being made on the demo. First off, you may have noticed that some of the images I used on the site were taken down. This was because of a  change in policy that made it so that the images I had hosted before were no longer available on third party sites. For now they will stay removed until I am able to find another service that'll host the images. Besides that there is good news I have found a great artist to start working on CG's for the game. We're right now in the early planning process for the game's cg, but I'm excited for the sketches and hope to share with you all soon.

Progress is going steadily on Eir's side, I'm working now on the branching for the multiple endings and working out the details on how the Exalt's side will play out. I do eventually plan to show more of her side of the story, but for now the goal is to focus on Eir's side for now.

I've also come across an interesting bug while testing the new content in the game. I noticed that when self-voicing is enabled and a click to continue options happens in the script the first part of the dialogue is often not read by the reader. Fixing this is my first priority. I don't know what's caused it and it's never happened before in older versions on Renpy. However, I hope to address it sooner rather than later.

Anyways, here is the change log for this version of the demo. If you're playing and come across any bugs or grammar you can get in contact with me using the survey. This version has been combed through with minor edits to the dialogue and story, but I'm only human and sleep deprived nights working long hours never helps any of us. ^_~ Just teasing, I'm fine.

Change Log:

As always saved information and demo completion will carry over, but it's always best to start a new game to prevent unforeseen bugs.

Minor bug and other fixes corrected
Added Self-Voicing lines for better understanding
New alternate text available through Preferences
Auto-Forward Time includes an On and Off to enable from the Preferences Menu (Please note while self-voicing is enabled this feature is disabled because lines can be skipped.)
Spelling and grammar fixes

New title screen sprite for Eir
New icon with updated project name
New textbox display

That's about everything for now. For those curious my goal is release the first part of the game by the end of the year. Take care everyone and stay hydrated this summer.


Aether Skies Demo 1.1 Windows & Linux 201 MB
Jul 25, 2017
Aether Skies Demo 1.1 Mac 186 MB
Jul 25, 2017

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