Just smudging off the dust on this... (New Demo)

Wow! We've finally got an update for this demo. It's been sitting here on demoless-land for a while now, even with it in the title. <_< Life's been hellish; I'll say hellish as my new favorite word, but still not a dead project. In fact a lot of good changes from the old 1.1 demo released about a year ago. This one features updates all around and uses feedback provided from the survey from the demo unlock.  From new looks to additional work on making the game just a little more blind friendly with the menu, and adding in features such as a keyboard button for quick saving.

In this time frame, our, I guess you call it platform, Renpy was updated to a new version. It lets us do some amazing things so a bunch of the code was rewritten for some of the animation and sprites. I'm eager for the new video sprites to come out to get working redoing the flames from the opening. Anyways, here I am yammering away when it's already past my sleep time and I know that that 6am wake up call is going to mean me battle it all out with my alarm clock on the "five more minutes" side.

So take a moment to enjoy the demo once more. Review us with some stars if you haven't, and give a shout out that this project isn't quiet dead.

All the best,


Update Notes 10.28.2018

- Auto-forward text, Quick Save, and Quick Load can now be accessed through hotkeys on the keyboard. A, Q, P
- New sprites and additional art.
- CG art added to important scenes.
- Additional scenes added and reworked for flow, grammar, and future story secrets.
- GUI updated from textboxes and choice screen.
- Choice screen function properly with self-voicing. Old version use to skip available choices.
- Additional self-voicing on menus.
- Additional self-voicing for better clarity.
- Itch.io to reflect new art and changes


Windows/Linux Aether Skies Demo Oct2018 218 MB
Oct 28, 2018
Mac Aether Skies Demo Oct2018 201 MB
Oct 28, 2018

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