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I'm a little confused. Kinetic novels are games with no choices or gameplay, essentially just reading a book. You said it was a kinetic novel and that it had choices. 

Yes, it's kinetic. The choices are if you want to read more and in the order you read certain scenes. Most of the extra stuff is skipable if you choose not to read it. 

This is marked as accessible to the blind but my screen reader can't pick up any of the opening text? Is there a reader it was designed to work with?

Are you enabling the in-game reader? If you press "V" you will toggle the self-voicing that will read the text for you. I do apologize the "Controls" screen that shows up when you first open it doesn't say what it is. I'll see about getting an updated version for it. Though, everything else should be fine. I hope this works for you. Let me know otherwise and I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

As not a game, but purely a visual novel, I think this was perfect.

There were some minor spelling and grammatical mistakes, but other than that, Simple as Snow is very good and unique.

If you ever decide to make an upgraded version of Simple as Snow or make a sequel for it, I'd suggest giving the player/reader some more details on the connection between the main characters(Lysa and Cyris).

I think the foundation of this VN is pretty good and I think it'll be really interesting if you upgrade this into a "choose your own story" kinetic visual novel.


Thank you for the feedback. :) I'm glad you commented. I think that there's more to the story that can be developed and more to learn about these characters. There's nothing planned for a sequel, however I have thought about it. We'll see. Thanks for giving it a shot.

I'll be looking forward to your games, be it related to Simple as Snow or not ^^

Haven't played it yet, but it still looks good. I'm downloading it now ^^